NLine Energy, Inc. (Small Hydro)

NLine Energy is a full-service, hydroelectric power development company that has developed a process to convert wasted energy found in water conveyance systems into renewable energy for ACWA member agencies. NLine Energy's full spectrum development approach focuses on harnessing potential energy at Pressure Reducing Stations, Sleeve Valves, Energy Dissipation Stations, canal drops, wastewater plants, as well as supplementing power on existing hydroelectric dams. Their Water To Energy Recovery System (WATERSSM) produces electricity, while providing automatic control and reporting features. Renewable energy can be used for on-site purposes or sold to the utility through renewable energy tariffs or long-term contracts. NLine Energy provides turnkey development services to include a no-cost Feasibility Assessment for ACWA member agencies, full design, environmental and regulatory filings, interconnection, technology assessment, project and construction management, project commissioning, maintenance and financing for small hydropower projects. NLine Energy is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business and a California Licensed Contractor (Class A: Engineering).

For information, contact Paula Currie at 916-441-4545.

Matthew Swindle
CEO & Founder

Ph: 916-235-6852
5170 Golden Foothill Parkway
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762