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Region 5 Agricultural Tour – A Farm to Table Experience

By David T. Hodgin

Chair, ACWA Region 5

ACWA Region 5 co-hosted an agricultural program and tour with Byron Bethany Irrigation District (BBID) on Sept. 18 & 19. The program highlighted local agriculture within BBID’s service district and offered attendees  a first-hand look at farming operations, irrigation management, and the delicious agriculture products from the region.

Region 5 Tackles Water Reliability Issues on the Central Coast

ACWA members flocked to Carmel on Sept. 22 and 23 to learn about the water woes of the Monterey Peninsula at the ACWA Region 5 fall program, “Water Reliability: An Environmental Balancing Act.”

We started the program on Sept. 22 at the Chateau Julien Wine Estate to learn how climate, soil drainage and aquifer preservation all affect the growing and winemaking process. I would like to extend a special thank you to Bob Brower for hosting our group at his winery that Sunday evening.

Region 5 Tours Alameda County Water District & San Francisco PUC Facilities

Last week, Region 5 hosted its spring 2012 networking reception and tour out of Fremont. Hanson Bridgett was very generous to host our networking reception at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley on Sunday, June 3. Allison Schutte, with Hanson Bridgett, gave a very interesting presentation on the controversy regarding restoring the Hetch Hetchy Valley to its pre-dam condition, which engaged the entire room in great conversation and questions.

Sacramento River Intake Facilities Draw a Crowd with Art in Public Places

The Region 5 Board began preparations in December to host an event that focused on the Freeport Regional Water Project and City of Sacramento River Intake facilities. East Bay Municipal Water District's Katy Foulkes chaired the event with great support from ACWA's Marcia Wulff and Katie Dahl. This special event began May 22 with a cruise to view the old and new river intake facilities from the Sacramento River. A reception followed in Old Sacramento hosted by Parsons, represented by Daven Oswalt.

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