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Region 3 Members Sit Down with ACWA Leadership

ACWA’s President Randy Record, Immediate Past President Paul Kelley and Executive Director Tim Quinn sat down with members of Region 3 in Copperopolis last week to talk about the Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Plan, the upcoming process to set flow objectives, and how to better come together as we move forward in shaping the future of California’s water.

Flow Discussion Must Be Part of Broad Strategy to Improve Ecosystem Health and Water Supply

With the next staff draft of the Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Plan due to be released soon, the coming weeks will be pivotal for ACWA members and others working to move the council in a direction that can truly meet the coequal goals of improved ecosystem health and water supply reliability.

Educating Public on Connection Between Reliable Water, Economy an Important Task

ACWA has been holding a series of forums around the state to update its local water agency members on plans and activities for the year.

Regions Go Out With a Bang at the ACWA Fall Conference

ACWA's regions closed out a busy 2010-2011 term at the ACWA Fall Conference with the last nine membership meetings and two Region Issue Forums in Anaheim.

Will Delta Plan Draft EIR Get Us Closer to Solutions?

All eyes will be on the Delta Stewardship Council tomorrow as it issues a long-awaited draft environmental impact report (EIR) for the Delta Plan.

The document is reportedly 2,000 pages in length. Based on recent comments by council staff, however, it is unclear whether the content of those pages will get us any closer to achieving to co-equal goals of improved water supply reliability and ecosystem restoration.

Financing Our Water Future May be This Generation’s Biggest Challenge

There can be little doubt that California’s water system is in need of a major upgrade. Large-scale investments are needed in everything from water storage capacity to water recycling facilities to levees. Substantial investments in ecosystem restoration and habitat improvements also are needed if we are to meet the co-equal goals of improved water supply reliability and ecosystem health.

Water Commission Begins Important Dialog on Storage

The California Water Commission convened a workshop today on one of the most important topics facing this generation of water managers: the future of water storage in California.

Students of history know that water storage and delivery systems built by previous generations of Californians fueled the rise of everything from the high-tech enclaves of Silicon Valley to the fertile farmland of the Central Valley to the vibrant cities and industries of Southern California.

Opinion Piece by KCWA Leader Gets it Right

Kern County Water Agency’s Jim Beck has it right in a recent opinion piece in the Capitol Weekly. We can protect the Delta ecosystem while also providing water to meet the needs of Californians. Solutions are possible when we have leadership and a willingness to work through the complexities.

The complete opinion piece, "Brown Stands Tall for Historic Water Solution," can be read here.

Discussion at Council Meeting Suggests Message is Starting to be Heard

After months of hard work, it was nice to see some signs of positive movement at last Friday’s meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council.

Council members were engaged and asked the kinds of questions we’ve hoped they would ask for some time. The announcement of several upcoming workshops on important policy topics also is a good sign.

New Regulatory Summit Showcases Why Water Quality Matters

Experts often talk about how water gets to where it needs to go, but what about the quality of that water once it gets there? 

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