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The Obama Administration, on Wednesday, released an update to guidelines for federal investments in projects that affect water quality or... Read More»
The Senate, late Tuesday night, voted to approve Estevan López to be the next Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation. Ló... Read More»
After ping ponging back and forth from the House to the Senate and then back, the Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Standards Authorization... Read More»
The House and Senate released the text of the “CRomnibus” appropriations bill late Tuesday, Dec. 9. The “CRominbus... Read More»
The House voted Tuesday to approve HR 5781, the California Emergency Drought Relief Act of 2014. The bill, sponsored by Rep. David Valadao... Read More»
The House introduced a bill Tuesday intended to address California’s prolonged drought. The bill was introduced by Rep. Valadao (R-21... Read More»
Attached is the November 2014 edition of the ACWA Federal Regulatory Chart.  Read More»
The Bureau of Reclamation has released a report that finds that silicone foul release coatings are the most promising for deterring mussel... Read More»
The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it will extend the comment period for its controversial Clean Water Rule. The... Read More»
Projected changes in temperature and precipitation, combined with a growing population, will significantly impact water supplies, water... Read More»
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