State Legislative Committee

Water agency officials gathered in Sacramento Wednesday for ACWA’s 2016 legislative symposium with panels on key water issues facing... Read More»
The Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee will hold an informational hearing Nov. 16 on under-funded water needs in California. The... Read More»
Legislation aimed at improving the groundwater basin adjudication process won final approval in the Assembly and Senate this week and is... Read More»
ACWA-Sponsored SB 385 (Hueso), related to compliance with California’s chromium-6 drinking water standard, passed out of the Senate... Read More»
SB 385 (Hueso), ACWA-sponsored legislation related to compliance with California’s drinking water standard for chromium-6, was passed... Read More»
ACWA-sponsored legislation that would aid compliance with California’s new drinking water standard for chromium-6 cleared the... Read More»
ACWA is seeking legislative proposals from its member agencies for the second half of the 2015-‘16 legislative session. The deadline... Read More»
Trailer bill language on mandatory consolidations is now in print and could be taken up as early as Friday on the Assembly and Senate... Read More»
The state Senate and Assembly approved a budget bill June 15 that includes more than $117.5 billion in general fund spending and total... Read More»
A coalition of public water agencies and investor-owned water utilities continues to oppose a budget trailer bill proposal regarding fees... Read More»
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