Water Event

California Special Districts Association (CSDA) and Mendocino Local Agency Formation Commission have partnered to offer a free funding... Read More»
Produced by the publishers of California Water Law & Policy Reporter, this two-day California Water Law Conference focuses on long-term... Read More»
Water year 2016 is an improvement over the previous four severely dry years, but drought conditions persist in the San Joaquin Valley. As... Read More»
Be among the first to get a private tour of the new Carlsbad ocean desalination plant, the largest such facility in the Western hemisphere... Read More»
Sponsored by The Water Education Foundation and the California Department of Water Resources, this event will be held at the ... Read More»
The Mountain Counties Resources Association will sponsor this day-long event examining the history of California water, Westlands Water... Read More»
Sponsored by the California Department of Water Resources and the Water Education Foundation in cooperation with the Center for Irrigation... Read More»
This free forum, presented by CV Water Counts in partnership with UCR Palm Desert, will focus on water rate changes in the Coachella Valley... Read More»
Presented by Capitol Weekly and the UC Center, this annual conference is devoted to California water policy. As Californians live... Read More»
California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird will speak at the Southern California Water Committee's Quarterly Luncheon... Read More»
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