Water Shortages

Sacramento, CA – Local water districts throughout California are pushing the envelope into new creative territory to encourage... Read More»
Statewide residential water use declined nearly 29% in May, the steepest drop to date since urban water suppliers began reporting monthly... Read More»
Two weeks after announcing curtailments for 114 senior water right holders in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River and Delta watersheds, the... Read More»
With the State Water Resources Control Board’s emergency conservation regulations now in effect, water agencies around the state are... Read More»
With new emergency regulations for urban water conservation in effect, water agencies must now meet specific conservation targets. Save Our... Read More»
The California Department of Water Resources is providing up to $2,000 in funding assistance to local water agencies to offer outdoor water... Read More»
Citing continued drought conditions and reduced district allocations from the State Water Project and Colorado River, the Metropolitan... Read More»
PHILLIPS STATION -- Standing on dry grass where there should be five feet of snow on April 1, Gov. Jerry Brown called for mandatory... Read More»
Gov. Jerry Brown today said tackling the drought that is wracking California and much of the western United States will "test our... Read More»
Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order last week aimed at streamlining assistance to households that rely on domestic wells or very... Read More»
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