Water Quality

The EPA has released its 2012 guidelines for water reuse, which update and build on the Agency’s previous reuse guidelines issued in... Read More»
ACWA submitted comments Aug. 21 to the State Water Resources Control Board on a draft statewide permit governing aquatic weed control. Read More»
This report presents an evaluation of arsenic occurrence in California water sources to illustrate how the U.S. Environmental Protection... Read More»
When it comes to setting a drinking water standard for chromium 6, Californians deserve a process governed by science and not decided in a... Read More»
Free regulatory workshop & training session for participating California water systems. Held in conjunction with ACWA's... Read More»
Before reaching for bottled water, consumers should take a moment to consider the incredible resource available to the tap, ACWA... Read More»
With so many great reasons to choose tap water over bottled water, Region 1 agencies are encouraging consumers to "take it from the... Read More»
As annual water quality reports begin reaching mailboxes and websites around the state, it's a great time to reflect on... Read More»
Three projects in California have been selected to receive funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to improve urban waters. Read More»
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