Water Supply Challenges

The Sacramento region used less water in January compared to the previous two years despite the dry and warm weather, according to local... Read More»
California’s ongoing drought is viewed as “extremely serious” by a larger percentage of people today than in 1977 and... Read More»
California’s fourth year of drought is a major focus of discussion this week at ACWA’s annual D.C. conference currently... Read More»
ACWA released a report in June 2014 detailing specific impacts of the drought around the state and underscoring the need for a variety of... Read More»
With a fourth year of drought now unfolding, water agencies around the state are gearing up for continued water use restrictions and... Read More»
Californians cut back on water use by 22% in December as compared with the same period last year, clocking the largest water conservation... Read More»
The State Water Resources Control Board on Jan. 30 released a report outlining ways to improve the enforcement of the state’s water... Read More»
Increased temperatures and a sharp decrease in precipitation since early December are to blame for the state’s meager snowpack, the... Read More»
The Sacramento region as a whole answered Gov. Jerry Brown’s call for significant water conservation last year and reduced its water... Read More»
Emergency salinity control barriers may be needed in three channels in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta if weather conditions stay... Read More»
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