Water Supply Challenges

This year’s temperature management plan for the Sacramento River yields a release schedule from Lake Shasta that should sustain both... Read More»
As the state shifts to a new metric for measuring local water conservation, results of the last month of measurement under the old system... Read More»
Federal officials on June 29 released a temperature management plan for the Sacramento River that schedules releases from Shasta Lake in a... Read More»
The U.S. Forest Service announced Wednesday that at least 26 million trees have died in California since October 2015, bringing the total... Read More»
California needs a more nimble water market and water transfer process to meet both the state’s water supply needs and its... Read More»
Three state agencies described plans Wednesday for an emergency water supply project to provide safe drinking water to homes in the Tulare... Read More»
Even though specific state-mandated standards have been eliminated, California water agencies are not about to let down their guard when it... Read More»
The State Water Resources Control Board today unanimously adopted an order dismissing enforcement actions brought against two water... Read More»
Californians’ water conservation remained strong in April with residents statewide reducing water use by 26% over the same month in... Read More»
Three state agencies, including the California Department of Water Resources, will host public listening sessions in coming weeks to... Read More»
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