State Legislation

The Little Hoover Commission’s Aug. 25 hearing on special districts has been moved to a new location. The hearing is now set for 9:30... Read More»
Legislation aimed at streamlining access to water transfer information cleared the Senate on a 39-0 vote Monday and now goes to the... Read More»
The Little Hoover Commission has scheduled a hearing Aug. 25 on special districts as part of a new review getting underway this fall. Read More»
Scaled-down legislation aimed at addressing Proposition 218 concerns was approved in the Assembly Local Government Committee Wednesday on a... Read More»
Two bills related to California’s voluntary water market cleared the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee on Tuesday and are... Read More»
The Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee heard two bills of importance to ACWA members Tuesday – SB 552 (Wolk), related to... Read More»
SB 20, authored by Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills), was gutted and amended a second time on Monday to remove language establishing a new... Read More»
A special hearing set for Tuesday on ACWA-opposed SB 163 (Hertzberg) was cancelled at the author’s request in the Assembly... Read More»
A bill that would require ocean and bay dischargers to beneficially reuse 50% of treated wastewater by 2033 and 100% by 2036 will receive a... Read More»
The ACWA State Relations Department is accepting legislative proposals from member agencies for the first year of the 2017-‘18... Read More»
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