State Legislation

Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled a revised budget proposal Thursday that calls for $2.2 billion in additional spending in 2015-’16 for... Read More»
ACWA-sponsored legislation aimed at aiding compliance with the state’s new chromium-6 drinking water standard on Wednesday cleared... Read More»
The state Legislature is expected to approve emergency drought legislation Thursday aimed at expediting $1 billion in funding for drought... Read More»
ACWA is co-sponsoring a bill that would streamline the notification process for certain water projects subject to the California... Read More»
Sen. Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) on Wednesday introduced SB 385 – an ACWA-sponsored bill to provide a carefully monitored process for... Read More»
A new report by the Legislative Analyst’s Office describes problems facing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and identifies several... Read More»
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