Water News

U.S. District Court Judge Oliver Wanger on Tuesday temporarily lifted Delta pumping restrictions aimed at protecting salmon and other... Read More»
Powerpoints and videos from keynote speakers, programs, forums, townhalls and award presentations from ACWA's Spring 2015 Conference... Read More»
The U.S. Department of Interior announced Wednesday funding awards for 26 projects California water projects that will receive a combined... Read More»
With emergency regulations on mandatory urban water conservation now in effect, local water managers, utility directors and staff are... Read More»
Citing an evolution in approaches to California water storage, ACWA Executive Director Timothy Quinn Wednesday presented the California... Read More»
The call for candidates wishing to serve on ACWA region boards for the 2016-'17 term is now open and will close on June 30. Interested... Read More»
Gov. Jerry Brown joined international leaders from 11 other states and provinces Tuesday to sign a first-of-its-kind climate change... Read More»
Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled a revised budget proposal Thursday that calls for $2.2 billion in additional spending in 2015-’16 for... Read More»
The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and water users in the Central Valley have crafted an agreement that will provide about 60,000 acre-feet of... Read More»
The State Water Resources Control Board is set to host three meetings throughout the state to provide information on pending funds to... Read More»
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