Water News

U.S. District Court Judge Oliver Wanger on Tuesday temporarily lifted Delta pumping restrictions aimed at protecting salmon and other... Read More»
A hearing on ACWA-sponsored AB 291 (Medina) previously set for July 1 in the Senate Environmental Quality Committee has been postponed. The... Read More»
California officials must crack down on illegal water diversions by marijuana growers to help save the state’s imperiled salmon and... Read More»
Citing increased public awareness of the drought and cooler, wetter weather in April and May, the Regional Water Authority Wednesday... Read More»
Statewide residential water use declined nearly 29% in May, the steepest drop to date since urban water suppliers began reporting monthly... Read More»
On the same day the district began restricting water deliveries to its members under its new water allocation plan, the Metropolitan Water... Read More»
The deadline for two of ACWA's prestigious awards – Huell Howser's Best In Blue Award and the ACWA Emissary Award – is... Read More»
ACWA-sponsored SB 385, an urgency measure related to compliance with the state’s new chromium-6 drinking water standard, quickly... Read More»
As the hot, dry summer intensifies, Save Our Water – the official statewide conservation education program – today launched a... Read More»
Two weeks after announcing curtailments for 114 senior water right holders in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River and Delta watersheds, the... Read More»
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