Climate Change

From water supply impacts to greenhouse gas emissions, climate change is a key issue for public water agencies. Landmark legislation on climate change signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006, the Global Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32), requires the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 through a combination of regulations and market mechanisms.

AB 32 implementation is under way, and navigating new rules and policies stemming from the legislation will be a major focus for local water agencies in the coming years.

ACWA has established a Climate Change Task Force to review and provide input on climate change-related policies and identify opportunities for water agencies to secure funding to accelerate efforts such as water conservation, recycling and renewable energy projects.

ACWA Board Adopts Policy Principles

ACWA’s Board of Directors has adopted policy principles on climate change that call for innovative approaches and policies that ensure California’s water supply infrastructure can meet the challenges created or exacerbated by climate change.

Latest News about Climate Change

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Latest Regulatory Updates

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