CCWD’s Investment in Alternative Energy Continues

The Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) is now using water flowing through an existing pipeline in Antioch to generate energy.  This new “green” project adds to the portfolio of alternative energy projects that CCWD has invested in.
Water utilities use energy to keep the pumps and facilities running that bring tap water to customers around the clock.  “Green” or alternative energy projects provide opportunities to invest in systems that reduce reliance on carbon-based energy, saving money and providing environmental benefits. 
CCWD has been working on various projects to reduce energy costs and recently completed construction of the Los Vaqueros Energy Recovery Project.  This project is a hydroelectric generation facility, including a Francis Turbine and Generator Assembly, which will produce energy to offset up to ten percent of the nearby pump station load and reduce reliance on carbon-based energy. 
The $6.2 million facility captures excess energy from water flowing through the existing Los Vaqueros Pipeline and produces up to 1-megawatt of clean, renewable electricity.  The facility passed all required tests and is now fully operational and reliably generating power while water flows through the pipeline.
This project was also recently selected for the Sustainable Project of the Year award from the American Society of Civil Engineers San Francisco Section.
CCWD’s other alternative energy projects continue to generate energy including solar panels that have been installed on top of District facilities.  CCWD also has agreements with various companies using windmills to generate energy.  These projects all contribute savings which allows the District to control costs to the benefit its customers.
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