“Save Our Water” Program Launches 2010 Effort

The Save Our Water program is calling on Californians to “get real” about water conservation with a new “Real People, Real Savings” campaign, which launches tomorrow. This statewide program highlights regular people from all over the state who have taken steps to save water inside and outside of their homes. Some people have gone as far as replacing all lawn areas with water-efficient landscaping. Others have purchased water-efficient appliances and fixtures or simply save water by reusing household water on outdoor plants.  

The first five people featured live in the Bay Area and Sacramento.  As the program continues, residents of other parts of the state will also be featured.  To meet the Save Our Water Real People, visit www.saveourh2o.org.

If your agency has a customer that you would like to feature in the “Real People, Real Savings” campaign let us know. We are interested in your case studies both residential and commercial. 

Survey Results Emphasize the Importance of Saving Water, Even in Wet Years 

A large majority of Californians believe that the state needs to conserve water, despite the heavy rains this year.  According to a new survey released by Save Our Water, California’s largest water conservation public education program, 94 percent of those polled believe that, even with the year’s wet weather, the state needs to save water.

Be sure to check out our Web site for more details on the poll.

More “Save Our Water” News

As part of the launch of the 2010 summer campaign, “Save Our Water” will be opening an online store tomorrow.  The store will offer program materials to local water agencies and others for local fairs and events. Using these materials is an easy way to participate and support the “Save Our Water” program.

“Save Our Water” is also sponsoring the Flower and Garden Show at the 2010 San Diego County Fair, which runs from June 11 to July 5. In addition, the fair and Save Our Water are offering a coupon for a discounted admission (a savings of $24 on a Value 4 Pack) when a short water conservation survey is completed at www.saveourh2o.org.