Status of Response to 2014 Drought

In 2014, local water agencies across California took action in response to record-dry conditions, implementing mandatory restrictions on water use and stepping up conservation outreach to help their customers reduce water use.

In 2015, as local water agencies take action to response to a fourth year of historic drought, ACWA has launched a new interactive web portal to showcase the plethora of local agency drought response activities by ACWA members statewide. The new Drought Response Gallery replaces this drought map, which will no longer be updated.

ACWA’s Drought Response Gallery is intended to highlight types of drought response activities by ACWA members and help users find conservation programs in their area but it does not provide an all-inclusive list of specific outdoor water use restrictions. For specific information on current outdoor water restrictions, please contact the water provider for your area. Save Our Water’s website has a handy search function for determining your local water provider.

Additionally, the State Water Resources Control Board has adopted its emergency regulations on mandatory urban water conservation and will collect information on irrigation restrictions and enforcement actions for water agencies statewide. For more information please visit the State Water Board’s website at

Please contact Emily Allshouse if you have questions regarding the new Drought Response Gallery or the discontinued drought map.


Drought status data is provided by Association of California Water Agencies   
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