East Valley Water District Selects New Site for Headquarters Building

With a 5–0 vote on Wednesday, the East Valley Water District Board of Directors unanimously selected a site for the District’s new headquarters building. After weighing a number of options, the Board accepted staff’s recommendation of the 24.33-acre property on Greenspot Road (south of Greenspot and east of Cone Camp Road less than 3 miles from Seven Oaks Dam) as the future District headquarters location. This critical decision marks a major milestone in the implementation of the District’s recently adopted “Northbound Train” strategic plan. 

“The Greenspot site offers employees, staff and our entire community a brand new asset and will help the District meet both current and future service demands,” said John Mura, EVWD General Manager and CEO. “A new headquarters will streamline day-to-day operations, allow for future growth and be a major benefit to the area.”

The District was forced to relocate most of its operations from its Del Rosa site eight years ago. Since then, the District has been conducting business from a leased site located at 3654 East Highland Avenue, while examining options for a permanent facility. The current lease expires in less than two years. Tonight’s vote was the culmination of research, analysis and careful consideration by staff over the past several months. Criteria included examining which site would most support the District’s mission for increased outreach and community participation; which site meets future demands while avoiding excess space or unnecessary long-term cost; and which location is the most cost-efficient, maximizing existing resources without affecting existing rates.

“I am extremely pleased that our Board of Directors has taken this visionary step for the community we serve,” said Matt LeVesque, EVWD Board Chairman. “Our staff deserves to be recognized for the hard work and dedication involved in their analysis and recommendation. Though there are several critical elements as part of our strategic plan, no project will have as much of an impact on other individual initiatives as the headquarters project.” 

This decision is in line with the District’s core strategic initiatives, a plan that was formally adopted on April 11, 2012. The list of goals includes the following item: “Creating an environment more conducive to efficient and effective public service, which includes improving organizational culture, board training and work towards construction of a new headquarters.”

EVWD staff recommended the Greenspot property as the most suitable location given all the available information. Greenspot also has an active citrus grove and historic, hand-built irrigation canals on site, which could be used for community education programs. Now that the recommendation has been approved, District staff will work toward the selection of firms with the ability to design, construct and finance the project. Also, the staff will prepare funding options to maximize existing District resources. Both of these items will be taken back to the board for final approval.   

EVWD provides water and sewer collection services to about 70,000 people in the cities of Highland and San Bernardino. For more information about EVWD, call (909) 889-9501 or visit www.eastvalley.org.