Presentation: Energy Committee Program - “Delivering Water in the Face of Climate Change: Real-Time Operational Prescriptions for Water Managers to Operationally Predict and Respond to Changing Hydrology”

While political debates over climate change continue in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., the challenge of delivering water throughout the state in times of increasing uncertainty is resonating throughout the water industry. Hydrological and operational planning, the identification of effective strategies, and a thorough evaluation of the future risk/cost factors are lacking. Water managers today need to know, specifically, what can or should be done now, in terms of operational planning, new infrastructure, and economic realities. Come hear leading experts and practitioners in the field discuss the various challenges and prescriptive measures that will help assure reliable future water deliveries in light of the changing hydrology anticipated from climate change.

Robert Shibatani
CEO and Principal Hydrologist
The Shibatani Group, Inc.

Alvin Bautista
Water Executive Engineer
Los Angeles Department
of Water & Power

Jeff Cooley
Utility Operations Manager
City of Vacaville

Dr. Nicholas Pinhey
Director of Utility Planning and Projects
City of Modesto

Dean Wiberg
Program Manager
Jet Propulsion Lab

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