CPUC Releases Draft Results of Embedded Energy in Water Studies

On May 26, the Energy Division of the California Public Utilities held a public workshop to present the draft results for two of three embedded energy in water studies. The focus of these studies is on the relationship between water and energy use in California.

The purpose of the studies is to help inform the Commission’s determination as to whether water-use reduction programs should be included in the California investor-owned utilities’ energy efficiency portfolios.

Bill Bennett, co-author of the studies, spoke about the potential impacts of the study at ACWA’s 2010 Spring Conference & Exhibition in Monterey.  A copy of his presentation may be viewed here.

Study 1: Statewide and Regional Water-Energy Relationship

Study 2: Water Agency and Function Component Study and Embedded Energy-Water Load Profiles

In addition, a software model describing embedded energy in the California wholesale water system (study 1) is available here.

Finally, the Draft Water Energy Load Profiling Tool – MS Access Database (Study 2) is available for download here.

Public Workshop Slides.pdf2.81 MB