ACWA Federal Affairs Committee Meets

ACWA’s Federal Affairs committee met on Tuesday, May 4 at the Spring Conference in Monterey.  The agenda for the meeting included:  Executive Director’s Update including ongoing development of ESA implementation Principles, Public Projects Roundtable comments on CEQ Principles and Guidelines for water projects, Senate Title XVI hearing, and 2010-2011 Strategic Business Plan. The agenda also covered updates on the WIN (SRF funding), NESARC (ESA reform) coalitions, new Oberstar Waters of U.S. bill, Senator Boxer and Feinstein requests for 2010 WRDA projects list, Chemical Security legislation, water efficiency legislation, NWRA update and taking positions on bills.

Home Star Program: ACWA is working with a broad legislative coalition to ensure water agencies are eligible to participate in the Home Star program being developed Senate staffers and water efficient appliances are incorporated into the program.  The Home Star program is a $6 billion proposal designed to promote residential energy efficiency upgrades.  ACWA also continues to work to promote a variety of various funding mechanisms to help water agencies install renewable energy generation technology.