No Time to Waste: Executive Summary and Blueprint

California has been well served by its water supply system, but it has been more than 30 years since improvements were made on the scale required to keep pace with the state's growing population and changing water needs.

That dynamic must end. Without significant new investments in our statewide infrastructure starting now, it will be increasingly difficult and expensive for California to support both a healthy environment and a strong economy in future years.

ACWA has called together local water leaders from throughout the state to craft an action plan for meeting California’s diverse water supply needs in the coming decades. This Blueprint is the result of that effort. It includes a list of actions, summarized below, that collectively will take us a long way toward meeting that goal.

California cannot just conserve its way or transfer its way or build its way to a secure water future. Indeed, it will take a diverse mix of programs and projects that incorporate infrastructure improvements, water use
efficiency, water recycling, desalination, voluntary water transfers and a variety of other sound water management techniques to provide the level of flexibility and reliability required. ACWA’s Blueprint is built on that mix of strategies, and draws on years of planning and study at the federal, state and local levels. It complements ongoing local initiatives and promotes regional solutions that will play an increasingly critical role in our future.
ACWA calls on policy leaders and lawmakers at all levels to embrace this Blueprint and begin taking action today to address California’s water future.

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