Region Elections

ACWA Region Elections

2015 is an election year for ACWA's 10 regions for the 2016-'17 term. All region board members serve a two-year term and are elected by their region membership. The Region boards serve many important functions, such as organizing tours and programs that educate ACWA's membership, activating grassroots support for issues and articulating regional views.


Region 1

Chair: Dennis Mayo, McKinleyville Community Services District

Vice Chair: Michael Ban, Marin Municipal Water District

Board Members:

David L. Bentley, North Marin Water District

Jennifer Burke, City of Santa Rosa

Judith Mirbegian, Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District

Brad Sherwood, Sonoma County Water Agency

Marvin Talso, Redwood Valley County Water District


Region 2

Chair: Eric Larrabee, Western Canal Water District

Vice Chair: David Coxey, Bella Vista Water District

Board Members:

George M. Barber, Paradise Irrigation District

Sean Earley, Richvale Irrigation District

Randy Fletcher, Yuba County Water Agency

Ryan McNally, Browns Valley Irrigation District




Region 3

Chair: Joshua Alpine, Placer County Water Agency

Vice Chair: Shannon Cotulla, South Tahoe Public Utility District

Board Members:

Dave Eggerton, Calaveras County Water District

Gene Mancebo,  Amador Water Agency

Patrick Hayes, Mammoth Community Water District




Region 4

Chair: Robert S. Roscoe, Sacramento Suburban Water District

Vice Chair: Glen Grant, Solano Irrigation District

Board Members:

Mike Hardesty, Reclamation District No. 2068

Thomas McGurk, Stockton East Water District

John Mensinger, Modesto Irrigation District

Tim O’Halloran, Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District

Pamela Tobin, San Juan Water District


Region 5

Chair: David T. Hodgin, Scotts Valley Water District

Vice Chair: Bill Rosen, Goleta Water District

Board Members:

Polly Holcombe, Carpinteria Valley Water District

Lesa R. McIntosh, East Bay Municipal Utility District

Anson B. Moran, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Dick Quigley, Zone 7 Water Agency

John H. Weed, Alameda County Water District


Region 6

Chair: Matthew H. Hurley, Angiola Water District

Vice Chair: Bill Diedrich, San Luis Water District

Board Members:

Gregory H. Beberian, Fresno Irrigation District

David Cehrs, Kings River Conservation District

Brian Davis, Madera Irrigation District

Rick Gilmore, San Luis & Delta Mendota Water Authority

Palmer A. McCoy, Henry Miller Reclamation District #2131


Region 7

Chair: David G. Bixler, Kaweah River Power Authority

Vice Chair: William A. Taube, Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District

Board Members:

Eric Averett, Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District

Tom Barcellos, Lower Tule River Irrigation District

Scott A. Edwards, Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District

J. Paul Hendrix, Tulare Irrigation District

Morrison E. MacKay, Rosamond Community Services District


Region 8

Chair: Stephen L. Cole, Newhall County Water District

Vice Chair: Gloria D. Gray, West Basin Municipal Water District

Board Members: 

Melvin Matthews, Foothill Municipal Water District          

Michael Holmes, Walnut Valley Water District

William Cooper, Castaic Lake Water Agency

Frederick “Brian” Bowcock, Three Valleys Municipal Water District


Region 9

Chair: G. Patrick O’Dowd, Coachella Valley Water District (Arid)

Vice Chair: Harvey Ryan, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (Western)

Board Members:

James Morales Jr., East Valley Water District          

James Ventura, Jr., Mojave Water Agency

Joseph J. Kuebler, Eastern Municipal Water District

Steven Farrell, Crestline Village Water District



Region 10

Chair: Brian J. Brady, Fallbrook Public Utility District (San Diego County)

Vice Chair: Cathy Green, Orange County Water District (Orange County)

Board Members:

DeAna Verbeke, Helix Water District (San Diego County)

Richard L. Vasquez, Vista Irrigation District (San Diego County)

Jim Atkinson, Mesa Water District (Orange County)

Larry McKenney, Municipal Water District of Orange County (Orange County)

Charles T. Gibson, Santa Margarita Water District (Orange County)



The ACWA region election process got under way earlier this year. The elections reconstitute the boards of each region, including the region chair, vice chair and board members.

Nominating committees were appointed by the current chairs of each region. The committees are tasked with identifying and reviewing qualifications of eligible region chair, vice chair and board member candidates for the 2016-’17 term.

Election materials were sent to ACWA member agencies electronically on May 4. Included in the email were links to information about the role and responsibilities of the regions, election timeline, region rules and regulations, candidate nomination form and a sample resolution.

Interested candidates were required to submit a signed resolution of support from their agency’s board of directors in order to be eligible for the election. All candidate nomination forms, signed resolutions and candidate information were to be submitted to ACWA no later than June 30, 2015.

The elections began on July 31, 2015, when the region nominating committees announced their recommended slate for each of the 10 region boards. An official electronic ballot identifying the recommended slate and any additional candidates for consideration were sent to all ACWA member agencies. Only one ballot per agency was accepted.

All region election ballots were due to be received by ACWA by Sept. 30, and election results will be announced on Oct. 5, 2015.

If you have questions, please contact:

Regions 1, 5, 6 & 7:Regional Affairs Representative Katie Dahl

Regions 2, 8, 9 & 10: Regional Affairs Representative Brandon Ida

Regions 3 & 4: Region & Member Services Specialist II Ana Torres

Or call (916) 441-4545

About ACWA Region Elections

ACWA Region elections occur in odd-number years to elect the officers of each region. The officers shall be a chair and a vice chair and three to five board members who are elected by their region by September 30, or the preceding Friday if September 30 falls on a weekend. The officers of the region board take office on January 1 of the calendar year following the election and hold office for two years. (ACWA Bylaw V.2.A).

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee role is to pursue qualified member candidates within the region to run for the region board. The nominated committee is appointed by the region chair in concurrence by the region board in the odd year. The nominating committee will select a recommended slate for the region election.

Call for Candidates

Will be sent out to all ACWA Region General Managers and Board Presidents on May 4, 2015.

Region Election Results Announced

ACWA Region election results are announced October 5, 2015.

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