ACWA 2010 Vote Record


A legislator’s voting record is often the most important measure of effective advocacy

and grassroots outreach by an organization and its membership. This report lists all California Senate and Assembly members and how they voted on state legislation significant to ACWA members. A short summary of each bill, including its status at the end of the legislative session and ACWA’s position at the time of the floor vote listed, is also provided. Please note that ACWA’s final position at the time of enrollment may be different than this position due to amendments accepted by the author during the course of the legislative process. Amendments can potentially change the impact of a bill considerably and result in either the addition or removal of opposition. All votes listed are Senate or Assembly floor votes.


Please note: There are times when a legislator is not present when a vote is cast and therefore does not record a vote on a particular bill. There are other times when a legislator, at our request, does not cast a vote. It is best to use the information in this report as one part of a larger outreach effort that includes frequent contact and communication with your legislators. Due to the intense focus on the state budget this year, not many bills reached the floor. As such, fewer bills are listed on the scorecard than in years past, as only floor votes count towards the vote total. Additionally, three members of the Senate have asterisks next to their names. Senators Oropeza and Wiggins struggled with illness this year and missed many floor votes as a result. Senator Cox passed away on July 13 after a long battle with prostate cancer. Because of their absences, the vote totals for these three members are not accurate representations of their views on the issues contained in this report.

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