Statements in Support of Alternate Delta Plan

ACWA and a coalition of urban and agricultural water agencies, statewide associations and other organizations submitted an Alternate Delta Plan to the Delta Stewardship Council June 10 as an alternative to the latest staff drafts of the Delta Plan.

A number of water organizations have issued statements of support for the Alternate Delta Plan. Several have sent letters of support to the Delta Stewardship Council.

Statements of Support

Southern California Water Committee

“The Southern California Water Committee is committed to participating actively and productively in the Delta Plan process. Our organization supports the important mandate and work of the Delta Stewardship Council, and recognizes the significant work completed to date. However, we, along with regional and statewide stakeholders, have voiced concerns about the current direction and scope of the Delta Plan.

“We believe that success for the Delta Plan this year is imperative, and that’s why we joined with a broad coalition of water, business and agricultural leaders to provide the Delta Stewardship Council with an Alternate Delta Plan and are requesting its inclusion in the environmental review process. This alternative addresses many of the crucial issues that existing Delta Plan drafts do not. It lays out incentives – rather than just regulations and other state requirements – to improve water use efficiency; it facilitates cohesion with the Bay Delta Conservation Plan; and it confronts the challenges of storage, conveyance and water supply reliability head on. 

“Our organization has always been a voice for consensus and collaboration on the all-important issue of fixing the Delta is a key priority. We look forward to continuing in that role as we work together to preserve the environment and improve water supply reliability in the Delta.”

Richard Atwater
Executive Director

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State Water Contractors

“Our organization shares the Delta Stewardship Council’s commitment to finding solutions for the Delta—but we don’t believe the current path of the Delta Plan will effectively meet the objectives of a healthy Delta and healthy water supply.

“The Delta Plan needs to consider an alternate option in the environmental review process. The existing drafts extend beyond the Council's regulatory authority in terms of micro‐managing hundreds of water providers and other state agencies. The State Water Contractors and more than 25 other organizations are supporting an alternate Delta Plan that, in contrast, incentivizes collaboration and cooperation toward water use efficiency, encourages the success of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and takes substantive steps toward making our water supply more reliable.

“We hope that the Delta Stewardship Council seriously considers welcoming this alternate Delta Plan into the environmental review process and we look forward to continuing our collaborative work to ensure the preservation of the Delta and a reliable water supply for California.”

Laura King Moon
Assistant General Manager


California Latino Water Coalition

“The Coalition is very pleased to join urban and agricultural water agencies as well as other organizations from throughout California in requesting that the Delta Stewardship Council adopt this Delta Alternate Plan as one of the alternatives under the program’s environmental impact report (EIR).

“The one-dimensional approach advocated by the Council’s staff simply can’t achieve co-equal goals that are so vital for solving the Delta’s many water supply, infrastructure quality and environmental problems.

“From what we can see, the latest staff drafts appear likely to continue doing what regulators have done to in damaging agricultural activity by reducing water supplies that depend upon Delta water exports."

[Excerpts taken from the full statement]

Mario Santoyo


Western Growers Association

“Western Growers Association is part of a large and diverse coalition of agricultural and business interests concerned with the latest drafts of the Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Plan developed by members of the Council staff.  The coalition has submitted an Alternative Delta Plan in an effort to assist the Council. We hope this plan will be seriously considered and included in the Council’s range of options for environmental review.

“The Alternative Delta Plan supports a healthy and sustainable Delta and seeks to provide a path for a successful Bay-Delta Conservation Plan. Unlike the latest staff drafts that appear to rely on sets of prescriptive regulatory approaches that we believe would actually reduce water supplies, the Alternative Delta Plan is based on sound science and accommodates changing conditions in the future.  It advances the co-equal goals established in the 2009 legislative water package.

“California agriculture’s powerful economic engine generates more than $35 billion a year in direct farm revenue and over $11 billion in exported agricultural products. If it were a country, its agricultural value would rank between fifth and ninth among countries of the world. A reliable and affordable water supply is paramount in protecting and sustaining this important sector of California’s economy.”

Dave Puglia
Sr. Vice President of Sate Government Affairs and Communications


Kern County Water Agency

“The Kern County Water Agency is an active participant working toward a Delta Plan that achieves the important co-equal goals of water reliability and environmental protection for current and future California generations.

“The Agency is part of a broad and diverse coalition of business and agricultural interests that have invested time, energy and expertise to develop the Ag-Urban Alternate Delta Plan.  The Plan is a strong and sensible solution that deserves consideration in its entirety as part of the Delta Stewardship Council’s environmental review process and is mandated by the California Environmental Quality Act.

“This year, California’s snowpack peaked at about 173% of the April 1 average of snow water content, yet State Water Project participants have received only 80% of the water needed and paid for.  That is why a successful Bay Delta Conservation Plan is critical. Without it, families, farms and businesses in Kern County and throughout California will continue to suffer.  We believe there is a solution that can protect the water supply, which is crucial to Kern County’s and California’s economic future, as well as the environment.

“The submission and full consideration of alternate plans are consistent with the Brown Administration’s goal of considering a wide range of alternatives in the Delta planning process.  The Ag-Urban Alternative Delta Plan deserves inclusion as one of the options in the Delta Stewardship Council’s draft Environmental Impact Report to ensure that the final plan represents a successful pathway to a sustainable water solution.”

Jim Beck
General Manager

Agencies Sending Letters to the Delta Stewardship Council

Bella Vista Water District

Calavera County Water District

California Farm Bureau Federation

Calleguas Municipal Water District

City of Corona

Coachella Valley Water District

Cucamonga Valley Water District

Del Puerto Water District

Desert Water Agency

Eastern Municipal Water District

Lake Hemet Municipal Water District

Las Virgines Municipal Water District

Oakdale Irrigation District

Rancho California Water District

Regional Council of Rural Counties

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District

Vallecitos Water District

Valley Center Municipal Water District

Western Canal Water District

Western Municipal Water District