ACWA’s Outreach Program


ACWA launched its Outreach Program in 2000 to help support the association’s legislative, regulatory and policy efforts. The program provides grassroots support to advance issues on behalf of ACWA members. Legislators and policy makers need to hear directly from their constituents. This program helps to organize and galvanize ACWA members’ voices on issues.

The Outreach Task Force was formed to provide ongoing input and refinements to the program by implementing programs and resolving any issues that arise. The ACWA regions select Outreach Captains who are responsible for working with the Outreach Task Force and their region board members to coordinate outreach efforts and recruit Outreach Ambassadors within the region.

In 2007, ACWA’s Outreach Program expanded to include the ACWA Outreach Action Center – an online grassroots action center – where members can sign up to be an Outreach Ambassador, receive alerts and advisories, set up customized profiles and track their agencies’ outreach efforts.

A strong Outreach Program helps ACWA make a difference for its members.

To join the network and start recieving Outreach Alerts and Advisories, please email Marie Meade.

Outreach Program