Voices on Water

Region 1 Takes it From the Tap

Last week, Region 1 hosted a program to educate our members on how to develop a regional “drink local water” campaign. There are so many reasons it’s important to switch from bottled water and other sugary drinks to local tap water – health, environmental and waste reduction just to name a few. With this in mind, we handed out “Take it From the Tap” water bottles for all attendees to fill up with tap water and use throughout the day.

Safe Drinking Water: Our Mission and Our Message to the Public

Every year at about this time, California’s public water utilities deliver an important product to their customers: the annual water quality report. Prepared in accordance with state and federal regulations, these reports provide a wealth of information on local water supply sources, water testing and monitoring results and how a given utility’s water quality compared with regulatory standards.

Region 5 Tours Alameda County Water District & San Francisco PUC Facilities

Last week, Region 5 hosted its spring 2012 networking reception and tour out of Fremont. Hanson Bridgett was very generous to host our networking reception at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley on Sunday, June 3. Allison Schutte, with Hanson Bridgett, gave a very interesting presentation on the controversy regarding restoring the Hetch Hetchy Valley to its pre-dam condition, which engaged the entire room in great conversation and questions.

DSC Letter May Signal More Constructive Approach on Delta Flows

Call me an optimist, but it looks like the policy debate over Delta flows may be moving in the right direction.

That’s my take on a recent letter by the Delta Stewardship Council to the State Water Resources Control Board regarding the role of flows in addressing a suite of problems affecting the Delta ecosystem and key species such as smelt and salmon.

The State Board has launched a process to evaluate potential changes to Delta outflow and inflow requirements and other measures as part of its review of water quality objectives for the Bay-Delta.