GRA Short Course: Intro to Groundwater and Watershed Hydrology : Monitoring, Assessment and Protection

Tue, 02/28/2012 - Wed, 02/29/2012
Buehler Alumni Center, University of California Davis

This short course will review the fundamental principles of groundwater and watershed hydrology, water quality, and water contamination. It will provide an overview of the most common tools for measuring, monitoring, and assessing groundwater and surface water resources. And it will review current local, state, and federal programs dealing with groundwater and watersheds. The course is geared towards a broad audience that is involved in the management, assessment, and protection of water resources, either professionally, as an educator, as a stakeholder, or otherwise . Course attendees who may have some experience with, but no formal training in hydrology or related engineering or science fields, will benefit from the basic and intuitive, yet comprehensive approach of this course.

Experienced instructors with a broad in-depth knowledge of California groundwater and watershed hydrology will teach the course. Topics include:

• Surface Water Hydrology and Watersheds
• Groundwater Hydrology
• Water Rights and Water Law
• Surface Water Quality
• Groundwater Quality, Sampling, and Monitoring
• Surface Water Contaminants
• Groundwater Contamination
• Defining Watersheds and Groundwater Recharge Areas
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Understanding Potentially Contaminating Activities
• Protecting Water Resources

Who Should Attend

This short course is directed toward a broad audience. Technical staff, consultants, and technical and management personnel in private and public water supply companies, irrigation districts, water districts, local and state agencies, and in resource conservation districts will find the course professionally enriching. The course also serves as an excellent introduction to hydrogeology, water resources assessment and monitoring for watershed advisors, educators, lawyers, watershed group participants, and members of environmental and other stakeholder groups and citizens alliances.