Important Changes Regarding ACWA's Printed Newsletter, ACWA News

Effective January 2012, ACWA's printed newsletter, ACWA News, is published on a new schedule that includes one digital-only issue and one issue available in both print and digital formats each month.

View the current digital issue here. (Member log-in required.)

Under the new schedule, the first issue of the month is published in a digital format only and posted on ACWA's website. Once the issue is posted, subscribers receive an email with a link to a downloadable version of the issue. A member log-in is required to access the issue. (To create a log-in, follow the steps here.)

The second issue of the month is printed and mailed to ACWA member subscribers as usual. It is also available digitally. (As a “green” option, ACWA members may opt out of receiving a printed publication entirely. Further details on that option will be announced soon.)

The new schedule was approved by ACWA's Board of Directors as part of the 2012 budget. It allows the association to reduce costs for printing and postage while still providing timely information to members and other key audiences.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about 2012 Changes to ACWA News here.

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