Responses Requested for Groundwater Management Survey

ACWA, DWR Survey Under Way to Compile Data on Local Groundwater Management Plans and Needs for Assistance

The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) and the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) are conducting a survey on groundwater management activities in California.

Your agency’s assistance is requested to help make the survey data as comprehensive as possible.

Survey Purpose

  • The survey is aimed at compiling information on groundwater management efforts statewide to share with policy makers and other stakeholders. The information is expected to be a powerful tool to illustrate that local and regional entities are effectively managing groundwater resources and that statewide permitting and oversight could be counterproductive to existing and planned local investments.
  • The information will also help identify areas where local groundwater management needs to be expanded and where local agencies may need assistance to develop and implement sustainable groundwater management activities. This is especially important as opportunities arise to secure funding for groundwater projects.
  • ACWA and DWR are also interested in learning about groundwater banking projects in California so information is available for those who may want to learn more about this valuable water management tool.

California Water Plan Update 2013

DWR has partnered with ACWA on the survey to gather information for the groundwater content enhancements that will be included in California Water Plan Update 2013. DWR recognizes the importance of groundwater to the overall water supply and quality portfolio in California and would like the next California Water Plan to include more detail and reflect as many basins and subbasins as possible that are covered by groundwater management plans.  

We thank you in advance for your participation in this survey. Should you have questions, please contact Danielle Blacet, ACWA senior regulatory advocate, at 916-441-4545, or Abdul Kahn, Update 2013 groundwater lead coordinator, at 916-651-9660.

Please note that information from the survey will be used in maps and other materials that will be available to the public.

Useful Links

These links may be useful while completing the survey:

To begin the survey, please take the following steps:
1) Download this spreadsheet. The first questions of the survey pertain to information found in the spreadsheet.
2) Proceed to the survey.