Water News

The State Water Resources Control Board is scheduled to hold a free seminar May 30 that examines the use of stormwater for groundwater... read»
President Trump released his $4.1 trillion FY 2018 budget proposal on Tuesday, May 23. The proposed budget would reduce spending on non-... read»
“A Defining Moment in California Water,” a new video highlighting the need for a more balanced and comprehensive approach to... read»
A collection of new member tools aimed at assisting ACWA members with recruiting the next generation of water professionals is now... read»
The California Department of Water Resources today announced the release of its 2017 Draft Proposal Solicitation Package for Groundwater... read»
Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee Chair Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) has formed a bipartisan working group of legislators to... read»
ACWA provided testimony Tuesday on funding requests for Save Our Water and long-term conservation in Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised state... read»
A Sacramento Superior Court on May 5 ordered the State Water Resources Control Board to withdraw the maximum contaminant level for chromium... read»
A Senate subcommittee on Tuesday held a hearing to examine the role of the public and private sectors in the development of water... read»
The California Department of Water Resources today released a memo from an independent forensics team which outlines a list of factors that... read»
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