Water News

The State Water Resource Control Board’s Division of Water Rights is reminding water diverters that they must file annual use reports... read»
The State Water Resources Control Board announced today that it has extended the comment deadline to March 3 at noon for its draft... read»
The Butte County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday lifted mandatory evacuation orders for more than 180,000 people as the California... read»
The State Water Resources Control Board on Feb. 14 launched a new Human Right to Water web portal intended to help the public find... read»
Crews were working Monday to repair both the primary and emergency spillways at Oroville Dam, according to reports from the California... read»
After several days of intense concern that damage to Lake Oroville’s main gated spillway could require use of the reservoir’s... read»
The California Department of Water Resources Wednesday released a new report from NASA showing that areas of the San Joaquin Valley... read»
Hoping to receive a portion of the $1 trillion in federal infrastructure investment funding promised by President Donald Trump, Gov. Jerry... read»
Citing a need to be prudent and prepare for another possible dry year, the State Water Resources Control Board on Wednesday voted... read»
The State Water Resources Control Board Wednesday held an in-depth workshop to discuss drinking water safety and affordability issues and... read»
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