Water News

Gov. Jerry Brown late Wednesday evening signed legislation to put a comprehensive $7.5 billion water bond before voters this November.... read»
ACWA released the following statement Wednesday night regarding the Legislative approval of a $7.5 billion water bond: The Association of... read»
The Legislature was expected to vote on a $7.5 billion water bond Wednesday evening that would replace the current $11.14 bond slated for... read»
ACWA Executive Director Timothy Quinn today issued the following statement on recent developments on a 2014 California Water Bond: “... read»
The State Water Resources Control Board issued the following statement Aug. 11 that outlines the protocol for submitting water production... read»
Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed legislation that gives lawmakers more time to place a revised water bond on the November ballot. The bill... read»
Members of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Interagency Drought Task Force will travel to San Francisco on Monday to meet with local government... read»
People looking for up-to-date photos of California’s drought and other water-related images may now peruse the California... read»
Two bills aimed at advancing sustainable management of California’s groundwater basins were amended earlier this week. read»
California’s drought is intensifying this year’s fire season with dry conditions creating more fuel to keep large wildfires... read»
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