Water News

The Legislature approved a drought-related budget trailer bill Friday that includes ACWA-opposed language that would authorize the State... read»
The State Water Resources Control Board this week delivered to the Legislature The Safe Drinking Water Plan for California, which details... read»
The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water and Power, on Wednesday, held a hearing to discuss a number of pending pieces... read»
Trailer bill language on mandatory consolidations is now in print and could be taken up as early as Friday on the Assembly and Senate... read»
The State Water Contractors filed a complaint June 16 requesting the State Water Resources Control Board take action to protect State Water... read»
A recorded podcast of ACWA President John Coleman’s recent interview on KGO 810 with on-air personality Ronn Owens is now available... read»
ACWA-sponsored AB 291, a bill that would streamline current California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) noticing requirements for multi-... read»
Following public meetings and a comment period earlier this year, the State Water Resources Control Board on Tuesday approved updated... read»
California’s ongoing drought is pushing state and federal officials to revise plans for managing flows in the Sacramento River to... read»
ACWA and two statewide associations have filed a formal request with the California Supreme Court to depublish a lower court’s ruling... read»
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