Water News

The current Call for Candidates deadline to fill two vacancies on the Region 1 Board has been extended to September 23. ACWA is seeking... read»
The Delta Stewardship Council on Tuesday appealed a June 24 ruling by the Sacramento Superior Court that invalidated the council... read»
The Mokelumne Fire is fulfilling its natural ecological role while firefighters manage it for both safety and resource enhancement, the U.S... read»
Legislation aimed at streamlining access to water transfer information cleared the Senate on a 39-0 vote Monday and now goes to the... read»
East Porterville residents draw their first pitcher of city-supplied water
The first of several East Porterville neighborhoods that have been without a safe water supply for up to three years was connected to the... read»
Public briefings begin this week on the technical reference document for applicants seeking funding under the Water Storage Investment... read»
ACWA Region 1 Chair Dennis Mayo describes a recent tour of the Russian River area and its water supply in a Voices on Water blog entry.... read»
The State Water Resources Control Board has posted a new fact sheet on the “stress test” process that allows urban water... read»
The Little Hoover Commission has scheduled a hearing Aug. 25 on special districts as part of a new review getting underway this fall. read»
San Luis Reservoir hit its lowest level in 27 years this summer. The condition of the reservoir illustrates the problems facing the state... read»
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