Delta News

Governor Announces New Dual Approach to Delta: California WaterFix and California EcoRestore
Gov. Jerry Brown today unveiled a new dual approach to improving water conveyance and ecosystem health in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta... read»
State Board Revises February Temporary Urgency Change Petition Order
The State Water Resources Control Board Thursday issued revisions to its Feb. 3 Temporary Urgency Change Order covering state and federal... read»
LAO Report Looks at State’s Goals in the Delta
A new report by the Legislative Analyst’s Office describes problems facing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and identifies several... read»
Supreme Court Upholds Delta Smelt Protections, Will Not Hear Appeal
This morning the U.S. Supreme Court decided it would not hear the appeal of several water agencies and Central Valley farmers who had asked... read»
Federal Appeals Court Upholds 2009 Biological Opinion on Delta Diversions
A federal appeals court on Monday upheld a 2009 biological opinion that called for reductions in the amount of water pumped from the... read»
ACWA Comments on Refinements to Bay Delta Conservation Plan
SACRAMENTO - Timothy Quinn, executive director of the statewide Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA), issued the following... read»
Bay Delta Conservation Plan Refined to Lessen Impacts on Local Landowners
In an effort to lessen impacts on Delta landowners and preserve sandhill crane habitat, the administration of Gov. Jerry Brown and its... read»
Pumping Reduced to Avoid Impacts on Delta Smelt
In a move aimed at reducing risk to Delta smelt and potentially avoiding more severe water supply impacts later, operators of the State... read»
BDCP Affordable for Water Contractor Funders, New Report Says
The cost of constructing conveyance improvements as part of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan is affordable for the urban and agricultural... read»
Draft BDCP and its Environmental Documents to be Recirculated in 2015
The California Department of Water Resources and other agencies leading the Bay Delta Conservation Plan will publish a Recirculated... read»