Governor Unveils New Website With Facts on Climate Change, Science

Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled a new website this week documenting the effects of climate change and compiling the latest climate science.

The website, Climate Change: Just the Facts, is aimed at debunking claims that climate change is not a serious problem. The governor announced the launch of the site at the annual Tahoe Summit on Aug. 13.

“Global warming’s impact on Lake Tahoe is well documented. It is just one example of how, after decades of pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, humanity is getting dangerously close to the point of no return,” the governor said. “Those who still deny global warming’s existence should wake up and honestly face the facts.”

According to the website, increasing global temperatures and the extreme events they cause have far-reaching consequences. Californians face particular challenges, including:

  • Sea level rise, with related flooding and erosion of coastal areas and damage to infrastructure and property
  • More frequent and hotter heat waves, taxing the energy system and threatening public health
  • Declining snow pack, with very significant implications for the California’s agricultural industry and millions of California water users
  • More frequent and higher intensity wildfires, and the corresponding property damage and threat to public safety.

The website can be accessed here.