New Video Uses Fast Facts, Modern Style to Drive Conservation Message

A new video from the Save Our Water program uses contemporary music and graphics to educate Californians on water use and and move them to conserve.

The video, “Saving California’s Water,” presents facts and statistics on water consumption in a modern and fast-paced format. For example, California has the 15th highest per-capita water consumption in the nation, yet close to 90% of residents say they are very or somewhat willing to conserve water at home.

The video is available in two short lengths.  Local water agencies are urged to share the video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, on their own websites, as part of Earth Day activities and in other public presentations.

Save Our Water is a partnership between ACWA and the Department of Water Resources aimed at educating Californians on easy ways to save water year-round. For more information on the program and becoming involved, contact ACWA’s Outreach Specialist Ellen Martin.

The video is available on the Save Our Water Facebook page and featured on the program’s website