Council to Finalize Direction on Delta Plan Development

The Delta Stewardship Council will give final direction to its staff in the development of the last draft Delta Plan at its meeting June 28-29 in West Sacramento.

At its meeting last week, the council heard input from a stakeholder panel on various aspects of the sixth and final staff draft of the plan. ACWA’s Regulatory Affairs Director Mark Rentz and members of the association’s Ag Urban II Coalition participated on the two-day panel.

ACWA submitted comments on the council’s sixth staff draft Delta Plan on June 12. Compiled after weeks of careful review and analysis, the comments reflect fundamental disagreements, point out inconsistencies and offer specific wording changes in some cases. Strategies for reducing reliance on the Delta, the role of the Delta Stewardship Council and water transfers are among the topics highlighted, along with the role of the Delta Watermaster, water conservation and the differences between a “proposed action” and a “covered action.”

Besides developing the final staff draft, the council will recirculate the draft environmental impact report to cover the final draft plan this summer. A final Delta Plan is expected to be adopted by November or December. Learn more about the draft plan.