ACWA Submits Comments on Striped Bass Regulations

ACWA submitted comments today supporting proposed changes to fishing regulations for striped bass.

In a letter to the California Fish and Game Commission, ACWA said changes proposed to current striped bass fishing regulations reflect a well-reasoned approach that provides a balance between reducing a Delta stressor and maintaining a viable sport fishery in the Delta.

“Many factors have contributed to the dramatic decline of fish species native to the Delta,” ACWA said in the letter. “We need to recognize that as a part of a long-term, comprehensive solution, every stressor on the Delta ecosystem will need to be addressed. While the proposed changes to the striped bass fishing regulations will not singularly resolve the challenges in the Delta, we believe that striped bass predation is an issue that must be addressed if we are to restore viable native fish populations.”

The Department of Fish and Game has proposed a number of changes that would allow additional harvest of striped bass.

The proposed changes including raising the daily bag limit for striped bass from two to six fish; raising the possession limit from two to 12 fish; lowering the minimum size for striped bass from 18 to 12 inches; and establishing a “hot spot” for striped bass fishing at Clifton Court Forebay and specified adjacent waterways at which the daily bag limit will be 20 fish, the possession limit will be 40 fish and there will be no size limit.

DFG is also recommending an adaptive management plan that will help assess how the new regulations influence the fishery.

The Fish and Game Commission will decide whether to pursue the proposed regulations at its February meeting in Sacramento. If commissioners choose to pursue the proposal, DFG will begin a process that includes at least three public hearings and the completion of an environmental document. A final decision is not expected until later in 2012.

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