Bay Delta Science Conference Kicks Off Oct. 16

The 7th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference, titled “Ecosystem Reconciliation: Realities Facing the San Francisco Estuary,” runs Oct.16-18 at the Sacramento Convention Center. A key theme of this year’s conference is the growing realization that the San Francisco Estuary is vastly changed due to human actions. Developing new ways of reconciling human use with maintaining desirable elements such as native species – two potentially conflicting goals – will be examined.


A highlight of the three-day event is a town hall meeting hosted by Peter Goodwin, lead scientist of the Delta Science Program. Goodwin will facilitate a discussion on new approaches and technologies that can enhance communication among scientists - in agencies and academia - who are working to develop the Delta Science Plan. Other plenary sessions examine issues such as organic contaminants, the implications of sea level rise and climate change on coastal and interior waters of California and challenges in landscape scale restoration.

Comedian Chevy Chase will make a cameo appearance – albeit via film – as narrator of the documentary Someplace with a Mountain, which tells the story of a small group of Pacific Islanders living on atolls in the Pacific that are disappearing because of sea rise. The film will be introduced by filmmaker, Steve Goodall, a sailor who came across the disappearing atolls during his travels in the Pacific.

The full agenda for the conference is available here