Coalition Submits Alternate Delta Plan to Stewardship Council

A coalition of urban and agricultural water agencies, statewide associations and other organizations has presented the Delta Stewardship Council with an alternative to the latest staff drafts of the Delta Plan.

The 50-page Alternate Delta Plan is aimed at promoting more robust discussion of policy questions facing the council and ensuring council members have a complete range of options to consider as they formulate a final Delta Plan by the Jan. 1, 2012, statutory deadline.

The coalition has formally requested that the council include the Alternate Delta Plan as a project alternative in the draft environmental impact report (EIR) for the Delta Plan.

ACWA's press release on the Alternate Delta Plan is available here.

In addition to the Alternate Delta Plan, the coalition submitted a seven-page letter to the Delta Stewardship Council that identifies key policy questions the council has not yet addressed. The questions are essential to the success of the plan and deserve public discussion, the coalition said in the letter, signed by 28 associations and agencies.

A number of water organizations have issued statements of support for the Alternate Delta Plan and sent letters of support to the Delta Stewardship Council. View the list organizations here.

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