State Board Sets Workshops on Delta Water Quality Objectives

The State Water Resources Control Board has scheduled a series of workshops to gather information and discuss scientific and technical issues as part of its process to consider new water quality objectives for the Bay-Delta.

The State Board is conducting a phased review of update of the 2006 Bay-Delta Plan and its implementation through water rights and other measures. Information provided through the workshops will help State Board members and staff determine what, if any, changes should be made to the Bay-Delta Plan, including potential modifications to Delta outflow objectives, export / inflow objectives, and other measures.

Scheduled workshops include:

  • Workshop 1: Ecosystem Changes and the Low Salinity Zone Sept. 5(continuing on Sept. 6 if necessary). Topics include the effects of the low salinity zone on various estuarine species, the interaction of salinity with non-flow related factors, and the identification of modeling or other tools that can be used to measure and reasonably protect estuarine habitat.
  • Workshop 2: Bay-Delta Fishery Resources – Sept. 18-19 (continuing on Oct 1 if necessary). Topics include flow, cold water pool, habitat, and water project operational constraints needed to reasonably protect pelagic species (including Delta smelt and longfin smelt), and Central Valley steelhead, Sacramento River winter-run, Central Valley spring-run, Central Valley fall-run, and Central Valley late fall-run Chinook salmon, and the interaction of these issues with non-flow related factors.
  • Workshop 3: Analytical Tools for Evaluating Water Supply, Hydrodynamic and Hydropower Effects – Oct. 2-3. Topics include the CalSim II water supply model, DSM2 and RMA2 hydrodynamic models, Plexus hydropower model, and others as applicable, together with results from applying these models to various scenarios.

More on the workshops and the State Board’s review process can be found here.

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