State Lawmakers Urge Progress on BDCP

Citing concern that the Bay Delta Conservation Plan could be delayed, 18 members of the Legislature called on state and federal officials this week to move the process forward.

In a May 24 letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Mike Connor and California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird, the lawmakers voiced support for the process that has been under way for more than six years and credited the Brown administration with expanding transparency and collaboration to ensure all stakeholders are engaged as state and federal agencies work toward a solution. They expressed concern, however, that the process could be delayed beyond the timeline agreed upon by state and federal leaders.

“As each day passes, the threat of a major earthquake in the Delta region increases and the impact of weather changes threaten the water supply to more than 25 million Californians, farms and businesses,” the letter said. “California’s agricultural communities need to know that the state is committed to developing a reliable water system. In addition, residential communities that rely on the state and federal water projects need to know that the BDCP will address their future water supply reliability. Our economic recovery and future investment in communities and business enterprises depend on action, not delay.

“We encourage you to enhance your efforts to work collaboratively and make decisions that are necessary to move the BDCP forward.”

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