Stewardship Council to Include Alternate Delta Plan in Review; Next Meeting Set for Thursday

The Delta Stewardship Council has agreed to include the Ag-Urban Coalition Alternate Delta Plan, in its entirety, in the environmental impact report (EIR) that will be evaluated as the council moves toward approval of a final Delta Plan.

The Alternate Delta Plan was developed by a coalition of urban and agricultural water agencies, ACWA and other statewide associations and organizations. The alternate plan was submitted to the Delta Stewardship Council on June 10 as an alternative to the latest staff drafts of the Delta Plan.

The council announced it will be considering seven alternatives, including two that stress water supply improvements (one based on the Alternate Delta Plan and one based on comments received from Delta exporters.) Other alternatives to be considered include two that emphasize ecosystem improvements and one that centers on improvements for in-Delta interests.  The council will also consider its own staff draft and a no-project alternative.

A summary of conceptual alternatives is available here.


The council is scheduled to meet June 23 and 24 to discuss in detail the fourth staff draft released this week as well as next steps in the process. The meeting notice is available here.

A fifth staff draft is expected to be released in July.