Stewardship Council Releases Redline Version of Final Draft Delta Plan

The Delta Stewardship Council issued a redline version of its proposed final draft Delta Plan on Sept. 5.

Council members are scheduled to discuss the document at a Sept. 13 meeting in Sacramento. If the council determines the draft is consistent with direction provided to staff in July, the document is expected to be the basis for recirculating an additional volume of a draft programmatic environmental impact report for the Delta Plan.

It would also serve as the basis for submitting a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) as the first step in the process of giving the policies regulatory effect.

The two processes (the DPEIR recirculation and the proposed rulemaking notice with OAL) would have separate 45-day public comment periods when each process begins.

The proposed final draft Delta Plan can be found in redline and clean versions here.