Water Agencies Offer Fact Sheets on BDCP

With key decisions ahead for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, several water agencies have produced fact sheets and other materials on the BDPC process and the importance of the Delta.

The State Water Contractors recently updated a suite of materials, including a BDCP fact sheet, a “fact vs. fiction” piece, and backgrounders on the Delta and related topics. The materials are available on the SWC website here.

East Bay Municipal Utility District also recently posted a fact sheet on the BDCP and the Delta. The fact sheet, which describes the district’s commitment to the Delta and its policy principles regarding the BDCP, can be found here.

In July, three Bay Area water agencies produced an informational piece outlining key functions of the BDCP and its importance to the state’s water supply and that of the Bay Area. The piece by the Santa Clara Valley Water District, Zone 7 Water Agency and Alameda County Water District also seeks to dispel common misunderstandings about the process. It can be found here.

More on the BDCP is also available on the BDCP website.