PCWA Testifies at House Hydropower Hearing

ACWA member Einar Maisch, Director of Strategic Affairs at Placer County Water Agency, testified at a House Resources Committee hearing held on June 27.  The hearing examined the impacts of mandatory conditioning requirements by federal agencies on hydropower facilities. During his opening remarks, Maisch compared Placer’s permitting experience with that of their northern neighbor’s, the Drum-Spaulding/Yuba-Bear projects. 

“PCWA has spent about $37 million on the relicensing of the Middle Fork American River Project to date.  Under the preliminary terms and conditions filed by the mandatory conditioning agencies, PCWA expects to lose about 5% of annual energy generation as a result of increased instream flows requirements.  With less timely information available in the Yuba-Bear/Drum-Spaulding relicensing, resource agencies have been more aggressive, and their current proposal will result in a loss of approximately 10% of average annual generation, in addition to significant capital improvements, and increased operating costs,” Maisch testified.

Witnesses at the hearing agreed that the dispersed decision making process with no one federal agency in charge is cumbersome and punitive.  California Representatives attending the hearing were McClintock (R-4), Garamendi (D-10), Costa (D-20), and Napolitano (D-38).

To view the hearing and read testimony, click here.