Results of Regulatory Review Released


Last January, President Obama issued an executive order requiring federal agencies to review all existing regulations to ensure that they “protect our safety, health and environment while promoting economic growth”.  Results of this review were released on May 26. 

As a result of this executive order, EPA plans to review 31 regulations.  Sixteen of them are categorized as early action items that the Agency plans to review during the 2011 calendar year; and, fifteen of them are categorized as longer term action items.  Most water related items fall into the later action category including regulating drinking water contaminants by group, revising consumer confidence report requirements, and revising the lead and copper rule.  Click below to view a chart of EPA regulations proposed for revision that are of interest to ACWA members.

The Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service announced that they will explore revisions to the Endangered Species Act over the next two years. They listed seven aspects of the implementing regulations they will examine including critical habitat mapping requirements and procedures for developing habitat conservation plans. A chart listing all items up for review can be viewed below.

Click to view all of the federal agencies regulatory review plans

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