ACWA Submits Comments on Discharge Requirements for ASR

ACWA submitted comments Sept. 13 on proposed requirements for aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) projects that recharge groundwater with treated drinking water.

The State Water Resources Control Board’s proposed general order is aimed at streamlining the permitting process and ensuring consistent requirements for ASR projects.

In comments submitted to the State Board, ACWA thanked the State Board and Central Valley Regional Board for their efforts to advance the proposed permit and noted that ASR is a flexible, effective option for groundwater recharge activities that should be supported when part of an approved groundwater management plan.

ACWA stressed that the use of treated drinking water in ASR projects should not be regulated as waste, and encouraged the State Board to actively engage in efforts to more accurately characterize the quality of water used in implementing ASR.

ACWA also asked for further clarifying language more explicitly recognizing existing ASR projects and allowing them to continue operating effectively with the appropriate monitoring and reporting measures.

The State Board has set a hearing on the proposed order for 9 a.m. Sept. 19 in Sacramento. ACWA will be testifying in support of the proposed permit.

More on the hearing and proposed order can be found here.