SWRCB Workshop to Address Water Diversion Measurement

Water diversions and appropriate ways to measure them will be the focus of a workshop Thursday convened by the State Water Resources Control Board.

Under the comprehensive water package enacted by the Legislature in November 2009, water users who divert water from streams are required to measure their monthly diversions beginning in January 2012. The requirement applies to diverters who file Statements of Water Diversion and Use with the State Board.

Regulations adopted in 2010 require diverters to report the maximum rate of diversion achieved at any time during each month of the year.

The 2009 legislation calls for diversions to be measured using the best available technologies and best professional practices, subject to the implementation of those practices being locally cost-effective.

Thursday’s workshop will include presentations on water diversion measurements, practices, requirements and rends. Participants will have an opportunity to provide comments.

Further information is available here.