ACWA-Supported Metal Theft Bill Clears Assembly

The Assembly passed legislation today aimed at protecting water agencies and others from costly metal theft. ACWA-supported SB 1387 (Emmerson) must now return to the Senate for concurrence with amendments made in the Assembly.

SB 1387, sponsored by Eastern Municipal Water District and supported by numerous water agencies, would prohibit junk dealers and recyclers from possessing any fire hydrant, manhole cover or backflow prevention device without a written certification from the public agency or utility that previously owned the item. The bill would also provide for additional fines for people knowingly in possession of these stolen items.

A companion bill, SB 1045 (Emmerson) cleared its final legislative hurdle last week and is now on the governor’s desk. The bill would make junk dealers and recyclers in possession of the above items without the required certification liable for damages incurred by the agency or utility, including the value of the items, the cost of replacing them and the cost of repairing any damage caused by their removal.