Allocations Boosted for Friant Division Contractors

The Bureau of Reclamation has announced an increase the 2012 water supply allocations for the Friant Division of the Central Valley Project.

Citing improved hydrologic conditions in the San Joaquin Valley and the Sierra Nevada, the Bureau increased the allocation for Friant from 45% of Class 1 water to 50% of Class 1 water. The Class 2 allocation remains unchanged at zero percent of the contracted supply.

Friant Division contractors’ water supply is delivered from Millerton Reservoir on the upper San Joaquin River. The first 800,000 acre-feet of contracted water supply is considered Class 1. Any remaining water up to 1.4 million acre-feet is considered Class 2.

Precipitation in the San Joaquin River Basin is 59 percent of the seasonal average to date, and the snow water content is about 40 percent of the April 1 average in the southern Sierra Nevada.

The Bureau's water supply updates can be found here.